What makes the “perfect merchandise”?

As distributor of goods you are probably always on the lookout for goods with high potential. How do you make your choice? What exactly tells you that the merchandise is the right one to go for? Is the margin enough? Will the resellers be able to put it effectively on the market? Will the supply-conditions be sufficient and consistent, even with growing demand?

Benefits for our partners:

  • No competing products on the marked
  • Profitable margins throughout the supplychain
  • High volume orders and delivery worldwide
  • Ready-to-use POS-concepts
  • Personalized partner login for more marketing- and sales support

Private Label Option:
As partner of Screwmagnet you can also choose to sell the screwmagnet under your own label. Interested? Let us know!
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Product description

The ScrewMagnet is an auxiliary tool, made to hold any kind of screw, nail, bit, drill, screwdriver and other metal objects. It functions as a “third hand” holding screws, bits and screwdrivers close by while you need to be able to use your other two hands, making it easier to work over head, on a ladder, underground or in between. Whenever you have tasks where screwing or drilling is involved, the ScrewMagnet is the perfect tool for you. It can also hold small tools and any other metal objects up to 11 kg*, making it useful in a lot of different applications as well.

It’s simple and robust design makes it easy to attach and apply and allows for useage in different workareas such as construction, engineering, plumbing, installation, household, gardening, handcraft, art and even at the office.

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    * the magnets capacity allows for this maximum performance only when certain conditions are given like perfect surface-fit, kind of metal and others. Screwmagnet doesn’t give any guarantees that any metal object up to 11 kg will stick on the magnet without falling, slipping or twisting. ScrewMagnet is not responsible for any incident or accident involving the Screwmagnet and wrong use of the magnet.